Kokopelli Actual Model View Kokopelli Isometric Render View Kokopelli Orthographic Render View

Kokopelli Recorder Toy

This design concept was put together as a novel toy for children that would help introduce them to an icon of Native American Culture: Kokopelli. Pronounced koh-koh-pell-ee, Kokopelli was the predominant figure in the religious landscape of the Southwest from 500 - 1325 A.D. He is most typically viewed as a fertility diety but is also portrayed as a tricker, a traveling salesman, an insect, a warrior and most relevantly as a musician.

This concept was printed on a sterolithography machine and can be used as a recorder instrument. When you aren't making music with Kokopelli he stands tall at 168mm. The recorder is available in many different keys although the most common key is C.